Lily & Bloom: Modern Vintage. Photographer: Gideon Levin
Lily & Bloom: Modern Vintage. Photographer: Gideon Levin

Lily & Bloom: Modern Vintage Hotel In Tel Aviv

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The unique Lily & Bloom Hotel is located in the center of Tel Aviv. It’s hard to miss, thanks to the contrast between its exterior and what is hidden inside. The hotel was built four years ago, in a unique preservation building that dates back to 1935. Zohar Korn, the hotel’s room division manager says: “Our hotel is situated in a building originally built for the Mizrahi Bank. People still sometimes come into the hotel looking for their bank branch.”

The hotel is privately owned by the Guedj Family, owners of a group of hotels in Southern France. “The family members are very Zionist,” says Korn. “They love Israel. Some of the family members have even made Aliyah and they wanted to bring their know-how in the field of hotel management to Israel. They created a European flavor to the hotel, with their experience and attention to small details. Also, the combination of the old and the new world are apparent in the building’s design and renovation process. Our special lobby is a combination of items, some of which are vintage-inspired and others are authentic vintage pieces. In the entrance, near the reception desk, there is a very special piece of furniture from the flea market, on which we have displayed historical photographs of Tel Aviv and Israel. It’s really fun for our guests to page through photos of the different eras.”

Modern Vintage. The Lily & Bloom Hotel is situated in a unique preserved building built in 1935. Photographer: Ran Landau

Modern Vintage. The Lily & Bloom Hotel is situated in a unique preserved building built in 1935. Photographer: Ran Landau

An Island of Tranquility

Of course, one of the things that make the Lily & Bloom Hotel unique is its location. “One the one hand, we have an excellent location,” says Korn. “Just outside our door are all of the best restaurants, bars, shops – everything is close by. On the other hand, it is important to us that once you cross the hotel’s threshold, you enter an island of tranquility and quiet, within the din of Tel Aviv – and we have succeeded in creating just that. There is a big difference between how the building looks on the exterior and its interior.”

Island of Tranquility – All of Tel Aviv’s best restaurants, bars and shops just a few steps away.

Placing an emphasis on guest services

Guests staying at Lily & Bloom are tourists, Israeli couples and businesspeople who come from all over the world. “We like being the address for incoming tourists, to help them enjoy all that this city has to offer. All of us, employees and managers, are people who really love Tel Aviv. Often, our guests are people who are not necessarily looking for the big hotels on the beach. Rather, they are searching for a place where everything is accessible and they can go out the door into whatever the city has to offer. On the weekends, we get a lot of Israeli couples who come to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Instead of traveling up north to a tzimmer, they are looking for a vacation that doesn’t entail travel, with all the fun that the city has to offer.”

When Vintage Meets Modern

This is a unique boutique hotel with 37 rooms of different categories and sizes. “The design style of the rooms is also vintage, but with all modern fittings,” explains Korn. “We have used natural materials: there is real hardwood in the rooms, and items made of marble and brass. We wanted rooms without gimmicks, just a pleasant place to relax. In addition to the rooms, we have a really special lobby, where we also serve breakfast. In the evening, there is a Happy Hour for guests, where each guest receives a glass of Cava wine and a platter of snacks. We also offer spa services featuring excellent clinicians, who come straight to the guest’s room. You can schedule a massage, manicure-pedicure, blow-dry or haircut, etc. A few minutes’ walk from the hotel is a state-of-the-art gym that offers free entry to hotel guests. Finally, our spacious roof-top terrace is a place where European tourists enjoy lounging and tanning in our summer sun, even in winter.”

Lily & Bloom

Address: 48 Lillienblum Street, Tel Aviv

Tel: 072-2484848

Lily & Bloom Hotel's website

Lily & Bloom. Photographer: Ran Landau

Lily & Bloom. Photographer: Ran Landau

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